Realities of Green Computing: Current and Future Trends

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  • June 20, 2016
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Realities of Green Computing- From Current to Future Trends

The emerging information and communication technology have altered the way we live, work and play, but at the same time, all these transformations are at the expense of global environmental crisis. Due to the immense growth of industrialization, the environment is sorely affected.

Green computing- A Global Technology:

The manufacturing of computers and its related parts, consumes energy, uses wide variety of raw materials and chemical and in turn generate hazardous waste. Amidst of all, the emergence of green technology provided a sustainable solution from design to manufacturing of computer related devices. Saving energy and curtailing carbon footprints is the promise of Green Computing.

From Current to Future Trends of Green Computing:

The current trends of Green Computing are focused towards the efficient and effective utilization of resources. Energy transitions and Carbon emissions leading to climate change are major threats to the environment. In lieu of that, the current trends of Green Computing emphasize strongly on the reduction of energy utilization and carbon footprints in order to enhance the working performance of Green Computing. The future trends of the Green Computing are based on the purpose behind movement that is a result of development in figuring needs, vitality cost and global warming and this initiative is the incredible test for IT industry. The eventual fate of Green Computing will be founded on effectiveness, instead of a decrease in utilization of energy resources.

HP Helps you ‘Go Green’:

Among all the leading IT organizations, HP is taking some strategic initiatives and helps you ‘go green’. HP has recognized the stark realities of the environment such as global warming, increment in energy cost, energy transitions and climatic fluctuations. In addition to that, HP has recognized the significance to protect and sustain the environment. Reaffirming their dedication to green figuring, innovation monsters Intel and HP as of late declared their individual planet-sparing activities at the “Greenergy” discussion. The stock trends of HP have maintained and upward trend thereby, inviting investors to invest in this global movement.


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