Administrative Studies: A Degree with Plenty of Opportunities

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  • June 21, 2016
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Administrative Studies: A Degree with Plenty of Opportunities

Today’s work climate benefits graduates who’ve studied courses, which teach a broad-range of transferable skills. One such field is the subject of administrative studies, which offers a range of professional career options.

Administrative studies refer to a degree focusing on business operations. The degree teaches administrative and managerial skills, which are essential for running an organization, such as a business or a governmental department.

The focus and emphasis of administrative studies can range from a financial focus to public administration, depending on the institution of your choice. Administrative studies are available in universities like Boston University, St John’s University, Missouri State University and University of Chicago.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for administrative studies range from entry-level positions to higher, senior level positions. The available options can depend slightly on whether you’ve gained a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

The job options include:

  • Administrative service manager or a business manager
  • Management positions within the service industry, especially the hospitality industry
  • Medical and health services managers
  • Real estate and community association managers
  • Financial administrators
  • Business analytics
  • Multinational commerce managers

The positive news for young people thinking about a taking a course in administrative studies is the current outlook on job prospects. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for administrative service managers is going to grow by 15%, for example. The bureau’s statistics have also found a similar sort of growth in many other fields mentioned above.

Transferable Skills

Although job prospects point out to steady growth, the job’s market is getting increasingly competitive. It is therefore essential to learn to value and highlight the transferable skills administrative studies can provide you with.

The key areas to focus on in your studies and when writing your CV include: communication and interpersonal skills, data analysis and research skills, management and planning skills, and leadership skills. In a tech-driven world, it’s also a good idea to combine your administrative studies with a good grasp of IT skills.

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