HR Strategies: Improving Employee Engagement

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  • July 3, 2016
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HR Strategies: Improving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the practice of involving oneself in the work of the organization. The employee of the organization finds himself engaged to the organization, working on the goals and the objectives of the business.
This employee’s engagement is achieved through the process of motivation to contribute to the achievement of goals and objectives of the business.

State A Clear Mission

Mission statement is a statement mentioning about the purpose of the organization, its objectives, goals, etc. It refers to the long-term objective of the organization. Mission statements are generally simple and short making it clear for both the inside and the outside parties. The sole purpose of the mission statement is setting up of the goals and the objectives of the business unit.

Develop A Plan

Planning is a futuristic activity done in advance by the business to carry out the work smoothly. Planning is done to overcome the unforeseen threats in the business from both the inside and outside world. A plan is always a strategic plan which is done by keeping the future in mind. It is basically all about reaching a target point from your current position. It shows how will you reach your goal or the objective.

Planning is conducted for:

  • Product Development
  • Market Development
  • Organizational Development

All these parts are to be considered while doing or jotting down a plan.

Communication-Builds A Great Company

Communication at the workplace is about sharing of the information with both the inside and the outside parties of the company. Communication at the workplace helps to improve productivity.  It has been seen in many companies that communication helps in increasing the overall productivity of the company. As the complete information about the company and its production helps to improve the productivity rate.

Increases Employee’s Job Satisfaction

Communication helps in building up of the strong relationship amongst the employees of the company which in turn builds up the strong job satisfaction of the employees.

Communication, in this case, travels in two different ways:

Upward communication: Where the feedback from the employees travels to the superiors.
Downward communication: Here the commands travel from the superiors to the subordinates.

Reduces the turnover rate and the employee absenteeism

Communication links up the employees of the company in such a way that it reduces the employee turnover rate and the absenteeism rate. Workers find it to be good that their superiors share complete and truthful information and even the workers are free to share their new ideas, thoughts, with the members of the company.

Employee’s engagement in the company is beneficial to both the employee and the company. As it helps the employee and company both to grow at a faster phase. Understanding the employee’s role in a company is of utmost importance to the company to know the employee’s needs and desires better.

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