Business News: IBM Still Leading in Corporate Strategy

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  • April 4, 2017
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When we are talking about the industry leaders in corporate strategy, one of the first names that comes to mind is IBM (NYSE: IBM).  Recent trends within the company have clearly shown that IBM still holds its position as one of the biggest innovators in the corporate tech space.  When dealing with a company this size, there are several ways investors can gain exposure to the stock.  

One of the least volatile strategies is to implement strategies using an indices trading platform, as this will enable you to combine stock trades using a larger benchmark index.  There are several advantages to this type of investment, so traders should choose a reputable market broker when establishing these types of positions.

Chart View: IBM Stock Prices

IBM is USA-based multinational entity with its head office in New York.  The company renowned across the globe, owing to involvement in manufacturing and selling of computer related products (computer hardware, software, and consultancy services from micro to mainframe level computer systems).

Initially, such company started its operations in 1911 under the name “Computing Tabulating Recording Company” which later on was altered as “International Business Machines” in 1924.  According to 2016 statistics, IBM employs nearly 380,000 people, utilizing corporate potential and skills at IBM being among those top 30 companies having largest employment and it earned revenue of $79.9 billion US Dollars.

Globally, IBM is considered as major research organization and credit goes to IBM for various inventions like SQL programming language, magnetic strip card, hard disk drive, dynamic random access memory and UPC barcode.

Trading Activities

Trading activities of IBM operate in nearly 170 countries and its credibility and market strength can be judged from the fact that it announced selling of x86 server divisions to Lenovo in 2014 for $2.1 billion US Dollars.  Previously, IBM acquired SPSS Inc., a software company in 2009.  

Despite its market reputation, it also experienced material losses of $8 billion Dollars in 1993, which was the biggest loss in the corporate history of the USA.  Administration of IBM during such critical juncture not only hired competent market leaders but also outsourced PWC consultancy the gigantic name in business circles across the globe to rejuvenate values of the company by focusing on trust, innovation, and dedication as a whole.

Corporate Earnings

Economic muscle, stability, and creditworthiness of IBM also became evident prominently in 2014 when it entered into various significant partnerships with global business giants like Twitter, Facebook, VM Ware, Under Armour, Box, and Microsoft.Offers from IBM currently range from varied products and services like IT infrastructure, cloud and cognitive computing, security, and commerce while secure blue, play station 3, X-box 360 and console gaming systems are major hardware which is offered by IBM.

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