How to Identify the Best Employee: Performance vs. Customer Service?

  • Rita Kawira
  • March 27, 2018
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Corporate Leadership

Employees are what form the foundation of success in any company. That is why it is essential for HR managers to hire the right talent. Many managers do not get it right though because the entire hiring process is robust. However, after successful recruitment, you need to take time to identify your best talent. How do you do this and ensure that what you pick as the best is indeed the best?

Identify the right qualities

Many qualities make up the best employee. These include:

  • Ambition
  • Confidence
  • Self-drive
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reliability
  • Autonomy
  • Team-work
  • Pro-activity
  • Communication

Unfortunately, for many employers, skills will always come first. What they do not realize is that skills can be taught. If most or all your employees possess most or all of these qualities, you may need to look deeper:

Social network analysis

Some investigation is needed, together with improved managerial processes to look deeper into organizational black holes to identify the best employee among many.

Social network analysis is very similar to what criminal investigators, marketers, and sociologists use. It is a tool that can help you connect the dots between people to establish how they interact and work together. In the end, you can tell the performance of a particular employee and his contribution to the success of your business.

Why is social network analysis important in business?

It is not easy to find out how different teams in an organization work. You can quickly tell how they are supposed to work from the organization structure but to evaluate their actual value; you have to go deeper.

Social network analysis will help here, and then you can grow their skills and give them more challenging tasks to sharpen their talent and keep them longer in the company.

How does it work?

Social network analysis is not a program that you can run and quickly get what you are looking for. You need a skilled investigator to engage in real conversations and get deep into actual data to identify the best person in every group.

He will have to search for everything including casual chats between employees, appraisal feedbacks, emails and messaging trends. He has to identify who attends all the meetings, who are involved in the company projects and anything else that is relevant. A lot of information is needed to get the right person finally.

Identifying the best employees in an organization is very important. This will help you recognize their role in the success of the business. Employee recognition is vital in order not to lose your best performers. Employees might leave if their efforts are not acknowledged. Again, the best employees have talents and abilities that the organization needs.

Managers need to tap these talents and polish the skills for the success of the organization. The good thing is that social network analysis can be carried out in-house, saving you on time and money.






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