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How to Deal With Employee Watching Porn at Work

Urrgh! That really awkward moment when your eyes land on the pornographic images and Spankbang videos your employee is watching at work instead of doing his or her job! Do you scream blue murder and staple a dismissal letter to the employee’s forehead or keep quiet in the hopes that it will never happen again? With this article, you will discover ways to deal with your employee watching porn at work.

While the thought of watching porn at work may be unthinkable to some persons, it really does happen. It may be as subtle as pornographic images forwarded among colleagues for “laughs” to short and lengthy video clips, or even a Porn MD search history.

Well, technology is not giving us a break since we are constantly connected and this blurs the line between work life and home life. Viewing or downloading porn or any sexually explicit material on work computers should be unacceptable.

How to deal with it

You need to deal with the employee through the disciplinary process contained in your internet usage policy. Know the severity of the employee’s misconduct, the harm to the operations of the business, effect on the ethics and reputation of the company, surrounding circumstances of its occurrence, the negative effect on work culture and the chances of its recurrence.

Address the employee and ensure that he or she knows that the behavior is highly unacceptable and should end immediately. For a first-time offender, it is important to issue a warning in writing with the promise of termination if it continues. If the porn watching is recurring and addictive, the employer can accommodate the employees’ treatment needs by offering a leave of absence.

As an employer, you have a moral obligation to protect employees from sexual harassment, which includes preventing access to pornography in the workplace. This means that they can have access to porn at home but at the place of work, they become your responsibility. Pretending not to see an employee viewing porn does not make the problem go away; instead, it causes it to fester.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that practical measures are being taken to prevent exposure to inappropriate materials. Communicate the company’s policy on internet usage and the disciplinary process. If you don’t have a policy in place, create one!

Often, employers are quick to assume that employees (old and new) should know what is acceptable or not. Don’t just assume, conduct training sessions and communicate what the policy allows to all staff as well as the consequences of its breach. Make sure that every

member of the organization knows that their internet activity, will be monitored. Finally, all these approaches are not set in stone, they are dependent on the internet usage policies in place in the organization.