Whatever your company is about, even if it’s a tech company, you can’t deny the need for the right person for the job. That means you need to find those people which means you need to set up your HR department sooner better than later.

Be part of it

The HR department is often a separate department from the other processes and some of you might not have a single idea on how to run it.  But it is never wise to have the whole process to be completely automated or left to your HR employees. You need to pay attention to the selection process and how your employees are feeling about the new workplace.

Develop a good workplace culture

The thing about the workplace to employees is that it’s something like school. They need to enjoy it to perform well in and that’s what you must strive to do from day one. A lot of people have different ways to create an enjoyable environment. For example, Google’s workplace is always full of fun and encouraging its people to come up with creative ideas. Jack Ma used to have his employees do handstand from time to time for fun and induce new ideas as blood is pumped into the brain.


Some companies rely on professional HR organizations and services to help them find the right people for the job. This helps business owners focus on what they do best – selling. If you find yourself not having enough resource to take care of your company’s HR, make use of professional services instead.

Focus on leadership

Good leaders will create a great team that accomplishes great things. Focus from top management to make sure everyone that follows know what they are doing and can learn from their higher-ups how to do things around the company.