When it comes to HR, it is the least expected department to have anything automated. People are different from each other and assuming that a single process can take care of every single employee the same way is naïve, yet, how can big companies survive like this?


The reason why your HR has to be automated. Staff always has hundreds of applications thrown into their office if they don’t have an online method for people to apply for a job. The automated system doesn’t just reduce paperwork, but also will screen the applicant for basic necessities, such as in terms of age, height, etc.

Employee Onboarding

It’s important to create a great first impression to not just your clients, but also your workers. You want them to feel good about working with you and motivated to do more to impress you back. If you handle them professionally, it’s only natural that they are expected to repay with professional performances. This includes digital documents handovers and assessment, new tools delivery and receipt, new employees request, etc.

Leave request and performance management

It’s much easier for employees to be able to submit their request for leave to the system which will directly notify relevant parties. The system will also calculate how much payroll is cut for the leaves while calculating together with the bonuses of the employee’s performance if they keep track of their progress accordingly.

At the same time, make sure that employees do not only receive automated ‘suggestions’ of what has happened. HR staff is advised to pay attention to employees in terms of how each of them can improve.

Life updates

The employees have to be the first people to know about the company’s update to keep track of the information when they engage customers. The automated system allows employees to receive the same information and tools across the world.