The key to a successful business is often creating a great experience for your customers when dealing with people of your company. And this is highly important because people can love or hate your brand just because of what your employees did.

Everyone needs it

A lot of people think that customer service skill is something that only frontline needs. Back office staff doesn’t need to know much about how to deal with customers because it’s not their job. No. Your employees might encounter your customers in the work environment one way or another, be it when they crossed each other at the toilet or when an elderly is not sure of who to ask.

Everyone in the company needs to be briefed regularly in terms of how they can best help customers with common inquiries.

Happy employees are happy customers

You can’t force yourself who is recently upset to suddenly smile in front of people for a long period of time. But that’s exactly what many managers are forcing their customer service staff to do. That is why disasters happen, because they literally placed a talking time-bomb on the phone line, thinking it’s only natural for them to do a great job.

Happy employees are more likely to be encouraged to do more for their customers. Sure, you have a guideline and code of conduct, but great employees are always seeking a way to go beyond what is necessary. This is how you create an amazing experience for your customers.


Nothing is more tiring than having to answer to simple questions some people could have got done with if they had read the manual before or repeating yourself 8 times over the phone. Life gets extremely dull that way. Create a program that allows job rotation for your employees in the customer service position.